Cameron Fortner


Upcoming Software Developer

I was born in Paris, Mississippi. I'm attending Base Camp Coding Academy as a Graduate Institute student, software Developer in training. I'm extremely creative and artistic, hard working and very driven to get work done! On the side of coding, I love creating art and playing video games, one day I hope to create a fully functional video game to educate children in a fun and creative way using art and animation I create personally!

My Projects


This project generates a list of recipes from a cookbook file, then allow the user to select which recipes they would like to cook. The program then generates a shopping list for the user, and the steps needed to create the recipe.


In this project, we model and game-ify a farm. Specifically, users are able to plant a crop of their choice, in an environment of their choice, and then guide it from sprout to harvest. Feel free to choose whatever you desire! Interesting outcomes.

Fictional Charity

Here's a fictional charity website I created for Poor teachers. I would like to make this better in the future whenever I have the free time, but with my knowledge the day I created this I believe this was a great start when it comes to web development.